The #CoaHPF project

From 2005 to 2011, Thomas was a very active member of the international Harry Potter fan community. To mention some of his major achievements, he was the 'Representative of EmmaWatsonEmpire,' founded 'The Knight Bus' – a Harry Potter link directory – and later the 'DA' – an international website alliance for Harry Potter fan communities which intended to get the fandom to work together.

During his time at university, he decided to write about his involvement in the international Harry Potter fandom. According to Thomas, his time being active in the virtual Harry Potter fan community was crucial to his personal development and gave him both, plenty of inspiration as well as the strength to become an author. His first novel was published in 2011. As of 2016, there are four books by Thomas Sailer in existence.

Thomas decided to provide the e-book version of CoaHPF for free, to make sure everyone who is interested will have access to it. If you like his idea to inspire fans all around the world and want to help to spread the word, feel free to share this site!

A word from the Author:

CoaHPF tells my story, the story of a former maverick who found the strength to battle depression and become an author. Thanks to Harry Potter!

Back in the autumn of 2004, the Harry Potter phenomenon began to cast a spell over me. Soon, I started to become active within the virtual fan community. Countless fans and fan site owners affiliated with my projects, through which I made acquaintances all around the globe.

By means of this book, I do not just want to provide insight into my longstanding and versatile activities within the international Harry Potter fan community - I want to exemplify that being a fan is no bad thing at all … for sure, not a waste of time as outsiders tend to say. Fandom can bring along a lot of good things. It can make life more interesting, enriching, and in some cases, it can even save a life!

I hope you will enjoy the book!


Thomas Sailer


"To be a real fan is no burden – it is a gift!"

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